Building Better Opportunities – Empowering Enterprise

In partnership with Petroc College, Battling On is now offering a programme for young people aged 18-24. Empowering Enterprise is aimed at those young people who are struggling to move on in life due to personal barriers. Our staff will work with you, both in small groups and on a one-to-one basis, to help you overcome those barriers and make the first step into employment, an apprenticeship, education or training. We will also continue to offer support to ensure that your transition is successful.

The programme is based in Plymouth and is now running. It is a rolling programme so can be accessed at any point in the year. If you would like to know more please contact us by phone, email or through the website.

This programme is funded by the European Social Fund and the Big Lottery.

Open Door Counselling Services

At present veterans in Plymouth, West Devon and East Cornwall are having to wait six to nine months to see a counsellor and over fourteen months to see a psychiatrist. Once seen by an NHS counsellor they are only entitled to six sessions of counselling which many veterans report is not enough time to help them deal with their psychological difficulties.

Battling On provides open-door counselling or therapy which can be accessed by any veteran at Battling On at the point of need. It is important to note that a range of different counselling services can be accessed through Battling On including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and eco-therapy (the preferred choice of many veterans). This service is vital in helping veterans transition successfully into civilian life or deal with mental health issues that have manifested after entering civilian life as a result of previously serving in the Armed Forces.

Employment Support and Preparing for Interviews

Battling On provides veterans with one to one support in job searching, filling in applications, writing CVs and preparing for interviews. Many of the veterans Battling On works with have barriers to engaging with employment. The advisors help veterans identify these barriers and develop strategies to overcome them.

Veteran Training

Battling On can help support veterans to gain a wide range of nationally recognised competency based tickets within the land based or construction sectors.

Battling On can also help veterans to convert qualifications gained in the armed forces to qualifications recognised in the civilian world.

Together We Can Succeed Programme

Battling On’s flag ship programme is the “Together We Can Succeed” project, which uses the skills and expertise of ex-service volunteers to work with vulnerable disadvantaged young people, particularly within the youth offending system or those at risk of becoming involved in crime and/or antisocial behaviour. All the young people targeted for this programme come from some of the poorest wards within Devon and Cornwall and are classified as living in poverty. The ‘Together We Can Succeed’ programme has achieved unprecedented levels of success, last year achieving a 91.5 % pass rate.

Veteran volunteers are given comprehensive training as a volunteer and given the opportunity to gain mentoring or instructor qualifications.

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Teacher Training Qualification / Apprenticeship Levels 3-5

Battling On has created a new Level 3 teaching qualification that is a hybrid of educational and youth work, blending both disciplines to create a new educational qualification. The rationale is to provide a qualification that properly equips new teachers and instructors to deal with the realities of the challenges of teaching young people.

The qualification is designed so that members of the Armed Forces can utilise their vocational skills and expertise through teaching and instructing.

Mentoring / Coaching Qualification Veterans

Battling On offers a qualification in mentoring/coaching. This qualification aims to standardise the basic principles used within mentoring and coaching to ensure uniformity of quality.

Veterans are taught to support vulnerable disadvantaged young people and act as role models, supporting young people in tackling the barriers that have caused them to dis-engage with education, training and employment.

The mentors support young people to make the changes in their lives to successfully re-engage with education, training or employment.