Established on Merryhue Farm in Callington, Cornwall we have recently moved to Norfolk creating a subgroup, Battling On Norfolk, based in 5 acres of Woodland in Briston, Norfolk where a range of activities such as Woodworking, Horticulture, Cookery and Arts & Crafts can be enjoyed.
Battling On uses best practices of Green space intervention coupled with the camaraderie of other like-minded veterans to help tackle issues such as Social isolation, Low self-esteem and confidence to Anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders.

KINSLEY WOOD Battling On Norfolk is based in Kinsley Wood located in Briston, Norfolk. It is 5 acres of predominantly Pine Woodland interspersed with some deciduous trees. The area is split into 3 definitive sections: 

Wilding Area. This has been left to grow unhindered and is bordered by a recently planted double hedge line and fruit trees to encourage the movement of wildlife, encourage pollinators and birds and produce a variety of fruit whilst increasing the biodiversity. 

Wetland Area. A naturally marshy area where we are developing a new pond in a leafy glade area. This will increase biodiversity encourage wildlife into the area and allow us to plant with woodland grasses, wildflowers and a variety of wild vegetables and herbs. By developing this area we have released a natural seed bank that is allowing plants from many years ago to regrow. Plans for a walkway and Hide are in place and will allow access and bird watching without disturbing the environment.

Hospitality/Training Area. The heart of where all activities take place, a pond area, greenhouse, Wood work and Tool Shed, Office space, outdoor lodge, community allotment area, the Hobbit house, picnic seating area, field kitchen and kitchen shed. Aswell as storage areas for Beekeeping, a composting loo and firewood stores. Intersected with natural pathways and vehicle access to the top of the site.

Projects and activities such as:

  • Woodland and Land management
  • Hedging scheme
  • Pond reinstatement
  • Horticulture & Vegetable Growing
  • Woodworking using naturally occurring timber, bird boxes, bat boxes etc.
  • Basic Cookery
  • Bushcraft and Art
  • Kinsley Wood is a constantly changing environment and many activities are based on the seasons and availability of natural resources.