Merryhue Farm

Battling On is situated on a 124 acre farm. Merryhue Farm has been farmed in an environmentally sensitive way for over 60 years and as such boosts a hugely diverse range of habitats which include semi-ancient woodlands, meadow lands, heathland willow carr and marshland.

As a result of having such a rich diversity of habitat, Merryhue has a wide range of wildlife such as otters, fallow, red and sika deer, kingfishers, barn owls and badgers, all of whom have found sanctuary on the farm.

Merryhue is a working farm with a wide variety of livestock and poultry including some endangered species such as French Poitou Donkeys and Swiss Valay Black Faced Sheep, and additionally alpacas, pigs, ducks, geese, chickens and quail.


Battling On has access to a number of dedicated teaching workshops, including a fully equipped woodwork workshop and a construction workshop with classroom facilities where learners are taught skills to help them find employment within the construction industry.

Land based Skills Workshop

Veterans have use of a wide range of practical tools used to carry out conservation and land management tasks. Much of the work undertaken by volunteers is carried out supporting conservation charities such as the Woodland Trust or Dartmoor National Park.

Forest School

Run by a Land-based skills tutor, the forest school incorporates a wooded area with cooking equipment, shelters and tools. This area provides learners with outdoor skills including fence building, tree felling and wood construction.

Outdoor Classroom

Battling On has access to a turf roofed log roundhouse which is situated by the river Lynher. This space is often used by the veterans to teach bushcraft and survival skills to young people.


Merryhue Farmhouse provides Battling On with a dedicated teaching space which includes full access to laptops and tablets. Veterans can use this space for learning, job search or teacher training.

WWI Field Kitchen

This purpose built replica field kitchen, situated in our own woodland, is a great facility for group activities and is being used with our young people to encourage an understanding of nutrition and healthy eating.


The Eco-Pods provide comfortable, secluded environments for small classroom teaching and therapy sessions.