"Visiting Battling-on is always the highlight of my day. Open, welcoming and inclusive, it’s fantastic to spend some time both with the truly dedicated staff, and seeing how much their dedication means to their clients."

Johnny Mercer MP

Of the very many initiatives I have seen recently, I would contend this is one of the most innovative, inspiring and tangible... To me, the real test is whether or not I would recommend ex-service personnel the answer is very definitely yes”

Lieutenant Colonel N R Holmes MBECommander of the 6th Rifles

“This is an inspirational local project that delivers imaginative and proven therapies together with practical help to reintegrate returning service personnel and veterans who are experiencing difficulties with transition back into in civilian life”.

Geoffrey Cox MP

“The company has developed a vehicle to capture learner feedback which is far in advance of anything I have previously seen in the third sector and well in advance of what is currently used in the vast majority of the work based learning sector.”

C. Marshallformer Director of Devon & Cornwall Training Provider Network.

“Battling On is ready to offer the great outdoors, team spirit and leadership qualities that will again bring out the confidence to reach out to employers who are looking for such ethics and drive as these men and women have”

Steve Elford

“Battling On staff have the experience and resources to educate, retrain and bring together new ideas with like minded people so they can then understand how life works in the big open world”

David SayerTomorrows People