About Battling On

Battling On is situated on our own tranquil farm set in the Cornish countryside and is staffed by predominately ex-forces who have experienced the difficulties associated with returning to civilian life.

Battling On uses the best practices of green space eco therapies to help tackle issues from low self-esteem and confidence to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. At the heart of Battling On is the concept of community participation and civic responsibility. Much of the vocational training is delivered through helping with community projects. These range from the management of wildlife areas in local primary schools to the maintenance restoration and repair of designated conservation areas.

What we do

Battling On Community Interest Company was established in 2012 to help support members of the Armed Forces who were struggling to make the transition from military to civilian life. Since its inception Battling On has become a multi award winning organisation that supports not only veterans, but also some of the West Country’s most vulnerable young people, through innovative programmes and approaches to solving complex social problems.

Of the very many initiatives I have seen recently, I would contend this is one of the most innovative, inspiring and tangible. To me, the real test is whether or not I would recommend ex-service personnel ....the answer is very definitely yes.

Lieutenant Colonel N R Holmes MBE of the 6th Rifles

Site Description

Battling On is situated on a hundred and twenty-four-acre Care Farm called Merryhue.

Merryhue Farm is home to a wide variety of livestock and animals including alpacas, pigs, goats, horses, geese, ducks, chickens, dogs and cats many of whom have been rescued or rehomed.

As a training centre Battling On has the use of dedicated workshops and teaching spaces situated across the farm which is a mixture of grassland, meadows, semi ancient bluebell woodland and has the river Lynher running through it providing a tranquil environment to learn, relax and heal.